Jestine’s Kitchen Closes For Unplanned Renovations

Jestine’s Kitchen is closed for unanticipated renovations, according to the restaurant’s outgoing voicemail message.



“We are closed right now for renovations, thank you very much,” the speaker says. “I’m very sorry. It was out of my control.”

It’s unclear exactly when and why the restaurant suspended service, but tipster @KeeneDawg reports hearing Jestine’s “closed yesterday in the middle of the day.” (Lunch service apparently began as usual: I swung by the restaurant around noon yesterday to shoot a picture of the line for a Seattle food writer planning a Charleston trip and wondering if Jestine’s was worth a stop.)

According to a staffer at the fire department across the street, there were no obvious signs of trouble at the restaurant prior to the closure.

Restaurants sometimes close their doors abruptly in response to a code violation or equipment malfunction. While city and county records covering citations issued yesterday weren’t immediately available, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s website shows the restaurant received an “A” on its June 19, 2013 inspection, scoring 96 points out of a possible 100.

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6 thoughts on “Jestine’s Kitchen Closes For Unplanned Renovations

  1. out of my control, yeah right! She’s the one that closed the place, but it was out of her control? makes no sense.. The loyal staff of Jestine’s who has pretty much run that place for 17 years is out of jobs with no notice. The staff put up with all the craziness and got nothing but blame in return. thanks for nothing.

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  3. im sure it was out of her control. i know the owner very well, and she would never make an excuse like this. by the way she herself works there 7 days a week from 9 to closing

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  5. I never said I was closing the restaurant for a period of time or forever .I spoke to the customers eating and told them when they left we would close because I had to leave for them to take there time .I told the people in the line I had to leave something personal came up .I was sorry that they waited but it was out of my control .The author in the line would not let me get by her.Yes I was rude but I had to go .I told I quit and I was never coming back.If I had fired everyone do you think thestaff would have stayed and closed up.The other odd thing is the author complained to the staff about my closing,so they let her in because they are more professional than I plenty of times.Then she came into a closed restaurant ate and said the food wasn’t that good HUM.

    I found out from the post and courier and holy sinner that I closed.

    I told everyone I had to leave for personal reasons .I didn’t say how long it would take me.

    The person that complained I was a tyrant why did they stay at the restaurant. If that was how they felt,there were no contracts and there are plenty of restaurants to work in .

    I have worked almost everyday for 18 years to bring my feelings to the people of Charleston.I always was very fortunate to work with a great staff and yes it is hard and I didn’t say I had management skills.I never asked any one to do anything thing that I didn’t do.OOps thats not true, I wouldn’t climb up on the roof .I am scared of heights.We are not a tourist trap even though i’m not 100% sure I know what that is.The only place I ever advertised was Skirt.It was a woman owned business and what a

    go getter Nikki is.(Correction adds in a couple of high school year books or high school papers.)

    Once I realized that people thought I fired 31 people at jestine’s.I put up a sign that I was remolding.It was out of my control the post and courier and people on the internet I closed the restaurant down.I remember another time I closed in the 18 years and put up a sign gone fishing.The next day our customers said WHAT DID YOU CATCH!

    The kitchen staff never left and they are still there as well as some of the servers.The only thing that has changed Is your opinion of me .That I can’t change but maybe you don’t know me. If you do and you don’t care for me maybe you will still like jestine’s kitchen .

    The food will remind you of your dad because everywhere you went in Charleston he got an iceberg wedge and mayo.At least mine did an everyone’s dad I knew.The gumbo over red rice or white because Jestine or my mom made it so delicious you had to have seconds. You know what I am talking about.We will see you soon .

    Dana Berlin Strange

    jestine’s kitchen