Clammer Bristles at Southern Living’s Rock Star Comparison


Benson Kua

In a release announcing The Ordinary‘s coronation in Southern Living‘s current issue as one of the region’s best new restaurants, Travel & Features Editor Jennifer V. Cole implied it was no coincidence that the honor went to a kitchen with a seaward orientation.

“Mark my word,” Cole’s quoted as saying. “Fishermen will be the culinary rock stars of 2014.”

While not disputing Cole’s prediction, Dave “Clammer Dave” Belanger — who supplies clams and oysters to restaurants including The Ordinary and Husk — pleaded with shellfish groupies to go beyond worshiping producers and help to protect their livelihoods.

“For sure fishermen will have at least one thing in common with rock stars in the future,” Belanger says. “There won’t be many of them.”

According to Belanger, the collective disregard for resource management and water quality is endangering his profession.

“At the current rate of marine habitat degradation and declining fish populations, I can see where in the not-so-distant future, the return of a fishing boat to port would be cause to strike up the band,” he says. “I am saddened by the very real possibility that I won’t be able to pass my business to my grandchildren as the salt marshes abuses worsen rather than improve.”

The complete list of Southern Living‘s Best New Restaurants is here.

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