Kosher Barbecue is Back, Baby.



This year’s High Holiday season was accompanied by a wave of stories suggesting celebrants smoke their Rosh Hashanah briskets, Texas-style. But for local Jews who adhere to religious dietary restrictions, the chance to go whole beef – or at least whole chicken – with their barbecue interests comes next month, when Synagogue Emanu-El hosts its third annual kosher barbecue competition.

According to organizer Debbie Rothschild, all cooking supplies are provided by the synagogue to prevent a team from wheeling in a rig which previously held a pig. “But we can accommodate everyone,” she stresses. “Last year we had 12 cookers donated.”  The synagogue also orders the ribs, briskets, fish and chickens directly from a kosher purveyor.

In 2012, 10 teams competed in Jews, Brews and Ques, but organizers are hoping to up the count for the Oct. 27 edition of the evening event. The team entry fee is $250. To enter, call (843)571-3264.

And for those who’d rather eat than smoke, tickets are already on sale. The $65 fee includes access to an open bar stocked with Southern Pecan bourbon, sample tastes of the competing barbecue and lowcountry-themed side dishes. To purchase, call the number above.

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