Jestine’s Kitchen Back in Business Next Week

jkkitchenJestine’s Kitchen, which last month shut down in the midst of lunch service, is planning to re-open on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 11 a.m.

Jessica Grossman of Jestine’s Sweet Shop shared the news in an e-mail, but didn’t elaborate on what diners should expect when the tourist favorite returns. Jestine’s Sweet Shop remained open throughout the restaurant’s hiatus.

It’s still not clear what caused Jestine’s owner Dana Berlin Strange to close the restaurant on Aug. 22 without warning: According to social media reports, Strange shooed away customers, declaring the restaurant would never re-open.

The restaurant’s windows were papered over days after the closure with butcher paper on which the oddly-spelled phrase “closed for remolding” was handwritten.

Strange in 1996 opened Jestine’s Kitchen to honor her family’s longtime housekeeper. Jestine Matthews died the following year at age 112, but her namesake restaurant continued to attract acclaim from the national press and remarkably long lines.

2 thoughts on “Jestine’s Kitchen Back in Business Next Week

  1. They should have stayed closed. We visit Charleston annually and have for 20 years. Always made it a point to eat at Jestines. This year, late October, we stopped in as there was absolutely no line. We should have known better. There was also no one else in the restaurant either. The wait staff of about 6 people were just hanging around playing in the back corner of the restaurant. We found the food to be poorly prepared and way over priced. Some of the order was not edible at all. Not going back.

  2. Hello JimmyD since the day jestine’s kitchen opened, it was and still is important to me that

    you enjoy your meal.I’m sure you know we always check or try to check on our tables.If for some reason no one checked on you that one day that you didn’t like your meal shame on us.I hope that in the future no matter where you are and there is a problem you will tell the staff . Jestine’s Kitchen is there so that I can talk to you about Jestine and bring to you the warm feelings I had..I hope if the food is good or if it is not to your liking you would mention it.We would love the chance to make you happy.After all you could help us with another customer as well as helping us satisfy you.I did not close the restaurant.I had to leave that day in the middle of lunch and had to close .The rest happened overnight on the internet and newspaper.I am not sure what happened to your meal .There is only one new cook in the kitchen.I can honestly say they give there all when at work.I opened february 6 1996 and have worked very hard on consistency.I’m sorry we won’t be seeing you there.We are planning to stay and work hard everyday.

    Sincerely ,Dana Berlin Strange