Austin’s Food & Drink Calls it Quits

austins2Austin’s Food & Drink, which this summer took over the Spring Street storefront previously occupied by Black Bean Co., this weekend closed up shop.

A note taped to the front door didn’t explain the reasons behind the closure, nor did owner Debby New provide additional information on Austin’s Facebook page, but the restaurant was often eerily quiet for much of its near-daily 9 a.m.-8 p.m. schedule. Extending hours on Friday and Saturday nights, adding Sunday brunch and serving beer and wine didn’t seem to help cultivate the crowds: A staffer was at least once stationed on the sidewalk to ask passersby whether they’d tried Austin’s.

The Austin’s website is no longer active, but according to its Facebook page, the restaurant was intended to give customers the opportunity to “have fun choosing what you will have to eat. If you want breakfast at three in the afternoon, you got it!…How about a Mimosa made with our homemade orange sherbet and champagne! You might also like a beer float, very tasty!”

Interestingly, all those choices spun the heads of a few customers who reported their experiences on Yelp, where Austin’s had a 3.5-star rating.

“I agree with Nicole, they really need to create, rather than make everything choose your own,” Pinaki S. wrote in July. “I wanted to tell them that they need something signature–otherwise it’s just another deli. I was scared trying to figure out the combo that worked the best, but mine worked well.”

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