Chef With Fusion Expertise Announces Ristorante LIDI

I once had the chance to quiz a server who worked Alaskan cruises about the various food preferences of the boat’s international clientele. The common denominator, he said, was Caesar salad. “Everyone likes Caesar salad,” he said.

Jason Colon, a Le Cordon Bleu alum readying to open a restaurant on Daniel Island, would know: His resume includes “assisting in the opening” of an Italian chain with locations in China, Korea and Japan, and a sous chef stint at an Italian restaurant in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication Colon plans to serve the “Italian Chinese fusion” dishes he perfected on Oahu at Ristorante LIDI, scheduled to open later this fall. A release describes the restaurant at 901 Island Park Drive as specializing in “authentic, affordable Italian cuisine from regional Italian traditions.”

“What we want to develop at LIDI (is) a place where families can enjoy good, simple food together,” Colon’s quoted as saying.

The menu will include chicken marsala; shrimp scampi; pasta Bolognese and spaghetti with meatballs.

“I see the island becoming a food destination,” Colon says.

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