The Alley and The Glass Onion Introduce New Cocktail Lists

whiterussianTwo local restaurants are this month rolling out new cocktail menus – and the featured drinks couldn’t be more conceptually different.

At The Glass Onion, which emphasizes, local seasonal cooking, the beverage program is treated as “a natural extension of culinary practices,” according to a press release.

For the drinker, that means bourbon punch made with whole milk from Edgefield; bloody Marys featuring High Wire vodka and garnished with housemade pickles and Cuba Libres built from High Wire Distilling rum and Mexican Coke (which will continue to be sweetened with sugar, despite the furor which this week erupted when online reports revealed an independent bottler was considering adding more fructose to the formula.) The West Ashley restaurant is also localizing its beer list with seasonal brews from Westbrook.

Over at The Alley, the inspiration for the cocktail menu was the restaurant’s bowling alley setting. The laid-back list includes a drink made with ginger beer, rum, Kahlua and grapefruit juice, and a gin highball with fresh jalapeno.  But the menu’s centerpiece is the White Russian section, developed in tribute to The Big Lebowski. There are no fewer than five White Russians, each distinguished by flavored vodka or added liqueur.

The Alley premieres its first-ever cocktail list on Nov. 14.

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