82 Queen Offers Taste of Steven Lusby’s Beard House Menu

To experience the whole of Steven Lusby’s James Beard House menu, Charlestonians will have to buy a $170 ticket and travel to New York on Dec. 4. But 82 Queen this month is offering eaters a cheaper chance to at least sample a few of the dishes its executive chef plans to serve.

Throughout November, 82 Queen is offering select items from Lusby’s “Charleston Charm” menu as nightly specials. Among the items slated to be featured are she crab soup, boiled peanut hummus, pickled shrimp and sorghum-glazed pork osso bucco (Check airfares if you’re set on trying the crispy head cheese with black-eyed peas.) The arrangement will no doubt give Lusby a final opportunity to perfect his dishes before serving them in the dining room that’s hosted many of the nation’s finest chefs, including 51 from the Charleston area.

“To be included in a category with the greatest chefs in the world is humbling and exciting,” Lusby is quoted as saying in a release.

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