Katsu Japanese Steakhouse Adds Korean Dishes to Menu




Katsu is still a Japanese steakhouse, but the North Charleston restaurant is rounding out its menu with a few Korean dishes in response to customer demand.

According to general manager Charles Rutherford, patrons of the 13-year old restaurant kept asking owner Ho Dong Lee to serve dishes from his homeland.

“I’d tell them about Mama Kim’s, but they said ‘there’s nothing up here’,” Rutherford says.

So starting Nov. 23, the menu will include bibimbop, bulgogi and Korean barbecue, prepared on the standard hibachi grilling table. “They get to see the show,” promises Rutherford, who’s also training kitchen staffers to make to-go orders.

The restaurant’s also expanding its sushi offerings, with sushi chef Josh Boring concocting a few new rolls. Although he hasn’t yet decided what to call it, Boring is planning to serve a flash-fried roll stuffed with cucumber and Kewpie mayonnaise and topped with shiso, avocado, ikura and wasabi mayonnaise.

“It’s hard to find an original name,” he says.

Katsu is located at 8601 S. Antler Dr.

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