Sunrise Bistro Takes Over Tiny Cafe on Spring Street

sunriseA four-year old Johns Island restaurant is picking up where Austin’s Food & Drink left off, returning breakfast and lunch to the pint-sized nook at 116 Spring St.

“I don’t think she had the concept of what people wanted,” Sunrise Bistro co-owner Jessica Welenteichick says of the café which this fall failed after a few short months. Welenteichick and her partners acquired the 14-seat restaurant in a turnkey deal, with plans to open Sunrise Bistro Express by early 2014.

“That lady, she was like an interior decorator wanting to go into restaurants,” Welenteichick continues. “We’ve built ourselves a reputation.”

Sunrise Bistro Express will serve a scaled-down version of the menu offered at the popular Johns Island restaurant. “Because it’s such a tiny location, and doesn’t have a hood system, we’re limited,” Welenteichick allows. But the line-up of bagels, biscuits and breakfast sandwiches will be supplemented by espresso drinks, which aren’t available at the main Sunrise Bistro.

Welenteichick says Express’ manager will daily pick-up fresh baked goods from the Bistro before opening at 7 a.m. The restaurant will be open every day but Sunday, closing at 2:30 p.m.

Sunrise Bistro is located at 1797 Main Rd.

One thought on “Sunrise Bistro Takes Over Tiny Cafe on Spring Street

  1. I thought Austin’s was great, I was really disappointed to see it close. “That interior decorator lady” was really nice, and I always had a pleasant experience every time I ate there. Judging by the lackluster menu and unprofessional comments made by the new owner in this article, I will not be paying Sunrise Bistro a visit once it opens. Bagels, biscuits, and coffee? Whoopdee doo.