Missed Husk’s Fried Chicken on Friday? Too Bad.

huskadAs first reported by Eater Charleston, Husk last Friday night fried up a test batch of chicken. Unfortunately for fans of the dish who weren’t tuned into the right Twitter feed, there’s no telling when the chicken will appear again.

“The fried chicken may make some surprise appearances on the Bar at Husk menu, but it will not be a scripted or weekly occurrence as it is in Nashville,” says Husk’s general manager Dan Latimer. “In Charleston, if we have it again, the production will be limited, not on a specific day, and will most likely be in the same vein as Friday, where we hit social media and see what happens.”

At Husk Nashville, fried chicken is the centerpiece of Tuesday’s $12 plate lunch. The restaurant this month debuted a rotating menu of meat-and-twos, available on weekdays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. In addition to chicken, Husk Nashville is serving roast beef, meatloaf, catfish and pork chops.

But it was the chicken which riveted Music City, a town near the top of the nation’s fried chicken pantheon. Chef Sean Brock, a known fried chicken devotee, spent three years developing the recipe. Although Latimer described the process as “top-secret,” Brock revealed to Eater National that his newly-minted methodology involves brining the bird for seven or eight hours; pre-breading it with dry flour; frying it in five fats; dusting it with hot sauce and finishing it with spray-dried vinegar powder.

“It’s really a hybrid of five or six different types of chicken: gas station, honky tonk, Colonel Sanders, Husk five fat, hot chicken and buffalo wings,” Brock told the website.

Latimer confirms Husk Charleston is prepping its fried chickens according to the Nashville process.

While Latimer suggests monitoring Husk’s social media for chicken-frying notices, he warns the chicken isn’t being considered for permanent menu status. “The fried chicken will only be a guest star if it ever returns,” he says.

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