Home Cooks Worried About Supply of Collards in Post-Pig Era


Tim Stackton

Nostalgia peaks at holiday time, so it’s little wonder the season’s provoked a new round of Piggly Wiggly sentimentality.

Where are cooks going to go to buy fresh collard greens, especially for Thanksgiving???,” a reader writes. “The Pig always had a large supply of large bunches, and even more at Thanksgiving & Christmas…The other stores just do not understand the local diet and customs.”

Thanksgiving shoppers who didn’t buy their collards at this past Saturday’s Charleston Farmers Market may have a tougher time finding locally-grown greens. But a Harris Teeter spokeswoman says the grocery chain will adjust its orders in response to customer demand.

“Our customers need only talk to their local store manager if they have any concerns,” Catherine Becker says.

Becker says Harris Teeter stores carry bunches of collards, “and have for quite some time.”

She declined to reveal the source and average price of the currently-available greens.

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