In Time for Cyber Monday, King Bean Roasters Puts Its Joe Online


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A 20-year old coffee company with Seattle roots sounds like just the kind of company which would have jumped online back when most computer users had AOL e-mail addresses.  But King Bean Coffee Roasters, which supplies coffee to many of Charleston’s top restaurants, didn’t offer online ordering until today.

“When talking recently with a prominent West Coast roaster, she couldn’t believe that we had never before sold our coffee online,” says Katie Weinberger, whose husband, Kurt, founded the company after finishing up a Navy stint in the Pacific Northwest. “We joked that we built our business backwards by today’s standards.”

King Bean three years ago launched a limited local retail line, available in Whole Foods’ South Carolina stores and smaller gourmet shops. The company recently acquired a Petroncini roaster which Weinberger says provides the flexibility and consistency needed for increased production.


Leigh Webber Photography

“King Bean wasn’t started with a retail application in mind,” she adds. “However the public’s demand became so much—continuous phone calls and emails asking where to buy our coffee, people dropping by our roastery, hoping to score a bag of beans.”

Customers everywhere can now score 12-ounce bags of nine different roasts online. The changing selection is currently priced at $12.99-$15.99 a bag.

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