The Music Farm’s Bar Now Serving Non-Alcoholic Gelato and Coffee

The mercury supposed to soar into the 70s this weekend, which should help create a warm welcome for The Music Farm’s new gelato program.

Starting this week, the live music venue is serving three flavors of Paolo’s gelato for $3 a scoop. Although the menu will change every few weeks, the varieties currently on offer are riso, mocha and limoncello.

The Music Farm is also now serving espresso, priced at $2 for a single shot; $3 for a double shot and $4 for an affogato, or Italian ice cream float.

During sold-out shows, every concertgoer will receive a free cup of gelato.

“The gelato and espresso provide a non-alcoholic option for any age,” spokesman Thomas Glasgow explains. “Since 1991, the Music Farm has looked for new ideas that could make everyone have the best concert experience possible. This is just one way that the Music Farm family has decided to do that.”

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