Oak Steakhouse Plans Second Location Near Atlanta

oakdessertAnd, speaking of Indigo Road, the restaurant group recently released additional details about its Atlanta area Oak Steakhouse location, set to open in Alpharetta next year.

According to a release, the menu will mirror the menu currently available at the Charleston location, described as “a mix of classic steakhouse features, as well as a farm-to-table locally driven selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes.” (That’s maybe a slight stretch: I recently ate at Oak, and noticed the only dish on the entrée page suitable for non-carnivores was an undescribed $18 item poetically called “vegetarian plate.” But what would a vegetarian be doing in a steakhouse anyhow?)

Jeremiah Bacon, executive chef of the Oak Steakhouse here, will help hire the new restaurant’s chef.

Atlanta isn’t short on steakhouses: As Atlanta Magazine food critic Bill Addison wrote in an introduction to a round-up of the 17 best, “I’m convinced that what Atlanta restaurantgoers really love most is steak. Our state may be known for poultry farming and barbecue pork sandwiches, but our city thrives on ambition, and beef epitomizes power and money.”

Oak Steakhouse will be located in the Avalon development at the intersection of Ga. 400 and Old Milton Parkway.

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