Chef Switch at Riso Noodle House

soupThere is still an “Authentic Chinese Menu” at Riso Noodle House, but the dishes are now being prepared by a Vietnamese chef.

The West Ashley restaurant — which I had hailed for its second menu, featuring tripe noodle soup; soybean pork feet and steamed beef balls – last month hired a new chef after owner Patty Ho’s partner had to leave the kitchen permanently because of damage to his hand.

Ho described the injury as related to repetitive motion. “The pain was getting worse,” Ho says, adding that he had delayed surgery.

A few of the popular dishes from the authentic menu – including the beef noodle soup and dry chow beef noodle – will remain on offer. But Ho warns that “the ingredients and recipes are different.”

“It’s property for them,” Ho says of her unwillingness to ask her partner to share his recipes with the new chef. “I don’t do that, asking for private property.”

In addition to striking dishes from the menu, the restaurant has also added dishes from the Chinese-American canon, including honey-walnut shrimp. Other new dishes include curry noodle soup, kimchi noodle soup and ramen.

“We know what we do best,” Ho says.

Riso closed briefly for remodeling, which Ho describes as “rearranging, adding a TV.” When the restaurant reopens today, the menu will also include bubble tea, a notoriously hard-to-find beverage in the Charleston area.

“It will be fun,” Ho promises.

The restaurant is located at 1890 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. For more information, call 225-6898.

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