Websites Shower Charleston Restaurants With Awards

There are three months between the Oscars and the Tonys, but it’s always award season for Charleston restaurants. A few of the latest accolades:

  • O-Ku was designated a Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurant in America by OpenTable, which scans five million diner reviews collected over the course of the year to determine top scores in the “hot spot” category. Although the reservation service’s website doesn’t explain what’s meant by “hot spot,” it appears to have at least a tangential relationship to clubbing: Fourteen of the listed restaurants are located in Florida, with most of them clustered around Miami. Culinary powerhouses San Francisco and Seattle, where dining culture is considerably more staid, weren’t represented.
  • TripAdvisor’s vacation rental site also released a list of award winners. Ted’s Butcherblock won a FlipKey prize for “best sandwiches while traveling” on the strength of its BLT, and Husk appeared on the “top restaurants worth traveling for” roster.

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