Amelia Claire’s Selling Tea Sugars

teasugarWhen Amy Bearden came across molded sugar cubes from Japan in a mail-order catalog, she immediately thought, “I don’t know why I can’t do them myself.”

Bearden, the owner of Amelia Claire’s bakery in West Ashley, is now selling the “tea sugars” for $5 a dozen. Although she’s keeping a stock of sugar cubes in her shop, Bearden is also willing to customize the cubes’ shapes and shades for special occasions.

“They’re really pretty,” says Bearden, who’s thus far sculpted the cubes into flowers and leaves.

She’s also experimented with flavoring the cubes.

“I’ve got some of them infused with raspberry or lemon,” she says. “The sky’s the limit on these things.”

Amelia Claire’s is located at 1804 Meadowlawn Dr. For more information, call 225-2253, or visit

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