Husk’s Fried Chicken Featured on The Chew

friedchickenWhen it first debuted, Husk’s fried chicken was sold only by reservation. Then it was made available to a few lucky eaters who were first to follow social media clues to the restaurant’s bar. Now a nation of eaters is going to get a crack at the celebrated dish – or at least a good view of it.

Chef Sean Brock is preparing the fried chicken on today’s episode of The Chew. The segment was shot at Husk.

Back when it was fried in fried in butter, chicken fat, bacon fat and country ham fat, the chicken was named one of the best fried chickens in the U.S. by Food & Wine. The recipe has since evolved; Brock describes the current version as a mix of  styles including “gas station, honky tonk, Colonel Sanders, Husk five fat, hot chicken, and buffalo wings.”

The Chew airs on ABC at 1 p.m. After its initial broadcast, it will be archived here for online viewing.

2 thoughts on “Husk’s Fried Chicken Featured on The Chew

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  2. Do you change your luncheon menu daily? I’ve never been to HUSK but so want to come soon!! Next week (Wed., April 2), my brother and sister-in-law from Ohio are going to be in town and I want to take them somewhere very special for lunch, and I’d like to bring them to HUSK. Can you please email me your lunch menu? I must assume, however, that you offer daily specials that would not be on the regular lunch menu. What about your desserts? What are you famous for?

    The Fried Chicken sounds absolutely delicious. Can’t believe I miss you on “The Chew” — was busy getting chemotherapy; otherwise, I watch that show every single day. And I used to live in NYC so it is of particular interest to me.

    I’d also like a copy of your dinner menu emailed to me.

    Thanks. Jane Griffin, 8710 Evangeline Dr. # 214, North Charleston, SC 29420 (843) 225-7509.