Home Team BBQ Debuts Handheld Gamechanger From King of Pops

popgamechangerPresumably nobody ever wished the Gamechanger, Home Team BBQ’s signature iced cocktail, was stronger. But for drinkers who’ve fantasized about a stiffer version of the Painkiller riff, the local chain’s introducing a fully-frozen Gamechanger-on-a-stick.

Starting this weekend, Home Team’s Sullivan’s Island location will be serving up Gamechanger Pops, created by King of Pops. The West Ashley location will start selling the $6 treats in early May.

“The pops came about when Home Team catering director Hope Cleveland ran into (King of Pops owner) Andy (McCarthy) and they joked about the idea,” Home Team publicist Angel Postell says. “The idea is now a reality and it is pretty exciting.”

Home Team five years ago introduced the Gamechanger to quell operating partner Sean Daniher’s craving for the kind of tropical rum drinks he enjoyed in the Virgin Islands. “No one was doing frozen drinks on the island and it took off,” Postell recalls. The cocktail was renamed after Pusser’s Rum, which owns the Painkiller trademark, last year relocated its headquarters to Charleston.

The alcohol content of the standard Painkiller has been estimated at 21 percent, although the drink’s reputation for being extraordinarily boozy got a boost from tiki bar menus which warned customers would be limited to two Painkillers per person. The Gamechanger Pop’s ABV wasn’t immediately available.

Home Team is located at 2209 Middle St. on Sullivan’s Island. To learn more, call 883-3131.

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