Coming Up With a Cover Image for Sean Brock’s First Cookbook

HERITAGE by Sean Brock (1)And, speaking of Sean Brock, the chef’s long-awaited cookbook inched closer to his fans’ grasp last Friday with the release of its cover image.

The non-traditional portrait fronting “Heritage” was shot by Charleston photographer Peter Frank Edwards. Within 24 hours of Brock posting the cover art on Instagram, nearly 1000 of his followers had given the image of Brock’s hands cupping beans a virtual thumbs-up.

Brock inked the book deal in 2011; Artisan is renowned in cookbook circles for high-quality, lushly-illustrated books.

Edwards describes the process of creating the cover as “collaborative and organic.” While leaving Brock’s face out of the picture wasn’t the subject of much discussion, it took a number of iterations before the team settled on beans.

“We worked with a variety of dishes, but then we decided to distill it down to something even closer to Sean’s heart,” Edwards says.

The beans were drawn from Brock’s personal collection.¬†“They are particularly important to him, and they had great color,” Edwards says.

“Heritage” is¬†slated for publication on Oct. 21.

2 thoughts on “Coming Up With a Cover Image for Sean Brock’s First Cookbook

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  2. Is it possible to preorder? Since going to Husk on my first visit to Charleston 3 years ago I’ve been impatiently awaiting his cookbook.