Nation’s Restaurant News Visits Charleston, Writes a Trend List


Nation’s Restaurant News

What’s popular in Charleston? According to Nation’s Restaurant News, cured meat, foraged greens and flavored ice cubes.

The trade publication’s senior food editor, Bret Thorn, recently paid the city a visit to uncover “trends that are likely to become further entrenched across the country.” Although he went looking for them in the usual places – his write-up doesn’t note relative newcomers such as Edmund’s Oast or Warehouse – he came up with a pretty defensible list of five things Charlestonians like to eat.

In addition to the meat, greens and ice cubes, Thorn cited “reinventing old favorites,” providing Husk’s pimento cheese as an example, and “gluten-free items,” an insight culled from Sweet Radish Bakeshop.

Other stops on Thorn’s tour included Sugar Bakeshop, Two Boroughs Larder, Cypress and The Alley. The full list is here.

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