Paolo’s Introduces Customizable Cannoli

paoloIt sounds like something you’d encounter on a cruise ship, but Paolo Dalla Zorza of Paolo’s Gelato says the idea for his new cannoli service came to him while traveling home from Italy.

Now at Paolo’s, customers have their pick of cannoli shells, fillings and toppings, so they can construct a mini-shell stuffed with chocolate ricotta cream and dipped in candied fruit, or a chocolate-coated shell filled with ricotta and garnished with sprinkles. There are 72 possible different combinations.

“My customers are so international and well-traveled, so they appreciate this kind of an idea,” Zorza is quoted as saying in a release.

Paolo’s is located at 41 John St.

King Street Cookies Stays Open Later

cookiesuigMy first, brief experience at King Street Cookies — which last month opened just a few doors south of Calhoun Street — wasn’t especially revealing: A baker emerged from the kitchen with a tray of fresh ginger snaps just before I was about to order one, so I ended up with a hot mouthful of butter and sugar.

Having spent the day eating oysters, I was happy for the sweetness, but the slim mass of melty pastry didn’t help me deduce much about its true flavor or texture. And as for the dozens of other cookie types on offer, I still don’t have a clue whether you should order red velvet or toffee crunch. What I could fairly determine was that I really liked the optional 25-cent cup of milk add-on (the bakery has a summer camp-style self-service machine) and that King Street Cookies would make a great late-night stop. Continue reading

Kusina Has Your Holiday Putong Puti, Pichi-Pichi and Spongecakes

Sapin-sapin from another bakery, courtesy of joefoodie

Sapin-sapin from another bakery, courtesy of joefoodie

For its first holiday season, Kusina is putting together trays of the Filipino sweets that customers tend to crave come Christmastime.

Although the Goose Creek grocery and bakery hasn’t yet finalized its Christmas tray menu, the Thanksgiving selection included putong puti (rice muffins), kutchinta (gelatinous rice cakes), pichi-pichi (steamed grated cassava) and espasol (another kind of rice cake, for which rice flour’s mixed with coconut milk.)

“It’s not the normal kind of dessert you see at Publix,” owner Leah Oboza says. Continue reading

Luckhaus & Brubaker Sweets and Treats Now Open on James Island

devilAfter spending a cumulative seven years in the pastry department of The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Robyn Luckhaus and Larry Brubaker learned how to accommodate any request on deadline and how to make enormous figures out of chocolate. Luckhaus says they’re bringing both skills to their new James Island sweets shop, sensibly called Luckhaus & Brubaker.

The pair renovated  the former Athens Express Pizza and Café so the 1200 square-foot shop would accommodate their seasonal displays. For yesterday’s grand opening, they created five-foot tall chocolate palm trees and a sunning Santa made out of brown sugar.

“It’s the kind of thing you have to come in and see,” Luckhaus says. Continue reading

By Request(s): Bullwinkel’s Whipped Cream Cake Recipe

SheGotThe Beat

SheGotThe Beat

It’s whipped cream cake season, judging by the number of readers looking for the Bullwinkel’s Bakery recipe.

As fans of the dessert know, the Bullwinkels started peddling their baked goods in Charleston in 1929. Their bake shop at Rutledge Avenue and Cannon Street closed back in 1974, but George Bullwinkel joined the pastry team at the Meeting Street Piggly Wiggly, making whipped cream cakes until 1998. He died the following year at the age of 87.

During the holidays, Bullwinkel made about 1000 cakes. Here’s the recipe he used: Continue reading

Whisk Transitions From Bakery to Beverage-Focused Cafe

whiskWhisk is shedding its sandwiches and pastries in an effort to lure more customers, but it’s still unclear whether the downtown shop will retain its bakery-themed name.

“This is the challenging part,” says owner Sam Mustafa, who recently closed Whisk for substantial renovations. “I’m really very boggled.”

Mustafa five years ago opened Sam’s Corner on Meeting Street, selling “hot dogs and all the knick-knacks.” He introduced the bakery concept in 2012, and earlier this year renovated the 700-square foot space to make room for the many items that tourists requested: “It’s a bad place to be, because you want to satisfy people so bad,” Mustafa says of his busy stretch of street. But the renovations didn’t clear up the clutter – and nobody was buying Whisk’s sandwiches. Continue reading

Mudd Pie Girl Bakery Makes a Name For Itself on James Island

mudtartsTwo months after bringing her baking operation to a James Island café, Tina Kinney is getting her name on the door.

Kinney in August shifted her three-year old cookie, muffin and pie enterprise to How Art Thou Café, using the kitchen to fulfill catering and restaurant orders. Now, in addition to carrying her baked goods, How Art Thou has created a stand-alone space for Kinney’s Mudd Pie Girl Bakery.

“It’s a collaboration between the two places,” publicist Heather Richie says. “They are adding her name and hours to the front door.”

Richie adds Kinney is now taking holiday orders for peanut butter pies and pumpkin pies; she also sells scones and tarts.

To celebrate the new collaboration, Kinney is offering free samples on Friday, Nov. 8 at 10 a.m. To learn more, visit

Cupcake DownSouth Competes on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

lamantinIn an event which would have been unthinkable a few decades ago, a local bakery is competing on food television to win $10,000 for its cupcake.

Cupcake DownSouth, which has stores in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and Columbia, will appear on the Oct. 19 episode of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, an elimination challenge  judged by a cupcake mogul and online macaroon company chef. Four bakeries are featured in the showdown, which has previously produced winning entries such as a “Salted Caramel Cupcake with Pecan Coconut Brittle Crumble and Caramel Swiss Buttercream” and a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.

Charleston’s cupcakery may want to claim its cash prize while it can: the Wall Street Journal in April reported “the icing is coming off America’s cupcake craze,” citing the slippage of the Crumb chain’s stock price from $13 a share in mid-2011 to $1.70 earlier this year.

The show airs at 8 p.m.

Kaminsky’s Makes More Kronutz, Wants More Money For Them

kronut2Following last week’s sell-out, Kaminsky’s has raised the production – and the price – of its quasi-cronut.

Kronutz now retail for $5, a 60 percent increase from the initial purchase price. But buyers can take some solace in knowing they now have a better chance of scoring the cult croissant-doughnut cross:  The bakery plans to make 50 Kronutz on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The first-come, first-serve rule and two-Kronutz-per-person limit are still in effect.

Kamisky’s opens at noon on the weekends. Good luck.

DeSano Pizza Opens on Friday



Eager eaters who lined up for copycat cronuts at Kaminsky’s last Friday can put their dough-waiting skills to use again this Friday, when DeSano Pizza Bakery fires up its ovens.

According to a tweet from the pizzeria at 94 Stuart Street, the much-anticipated restaurant will be open “from 11:30 am until ‘out of dough’”

DeSano — operated by Scott DeSano, who in 2011 purchased Atlanta’s famed Antico Pizza and vowed to replicate its artisan approach nationwide – doesn’t deviate from Neapolitan standards: The pies are rapidly baked in 6000-pound ovens which heat up to more than 1000 degrees (think of the pizza as barbecue’s antithesis). The 10 pizzas on DeSano’s menu are topped with a mix of local ingredients and Naples-made products. Continue reading