Neighborhood Dining Group Opens Private Event Space

When the Fatback Collective announced the Rodney in Exile tour finale, it listed the Charleston dinner site as No. 5 Faber – but declined to reveal what diners might find at 5 Faber Street.

Word comes today that Neighborhood Dining Group, operator of restaurants including McCrady’s and Husk, is opening a private event facility in the renovated downtown warehouse. According to the press release, the venue—which features a commercial kitchen, bar and piano — can accommodate up to 225 people.

No. 5 Faber is purely a space, meaning renters have to secure their own catering and other services. The website is thus far just a logo, but more information is available via phone (805-6499) and e-mail (

Author Sheri Castle Helps Prepare Party Hosts For the Holidays


Stewart Waller

Although students in Sheri Castle’s holiday hors d’oeuvres class at Southern Season this weekend will learn how to assemble a range of impressive items, not every dish on the demonstration menu is highly elaborate: The first appetizer on the syllabus is a roast beef, asparagus and Boursin wrap.

Castle, a cookbook author and cooking instructor from Chapel Hill, N.C., is a proponent of keeping kitchen projects manageable during the holidays – especially when expecting lots of hungry guests.

“Don’t tackle more than you and your schedule can handle,” Castle advises. “Make sure your menu includes plenty of make-ahead and low-maintenance items; It’s fine to fill in with a few thoughtfully purchased items.” Continue reading

Local Brides Sweet on Biscuit Bars

Although not yet as popular as a drippy chocolate fountain, biscuit bars – featuring split buttermilk biscuits and fixings – are increasingly showing up at Southern weddings.


Charleston Grill

“With a variety of options and toppings, food bars are the best way to let your guests play with their food,” the bridal magazine The Knot earlier this year decreed in an online story titled “12 Surprising Food Bars You’ve Never Seen Before!” The post endorsed taco bars, doughnut bars, mashed potato bars, grilled cheese bars and biscuit bars, illustrated with a photo supplied by Charleston planner A Lowcountry Wedding.

After Charleston Grill chef Michelle Weaver staged a biscuit bar for June’s Bon Appetit Grub Crawl, Charleston Place added the amenity to its list of available event services. Continue reading