How Good Were Your Wine + Food Phone Pics?

jouleInveterate Instagrammers who were vindicated by a recent study suggesting that snapping a picture of a dish before eating it could enhance their food enjoyment* now have another reason to keep up their plate-rearranging, friend-testing habits:  A West Ashley financial firm could make them famous.

On Mar. 26, the second annual Food Phone Photo Show at Jericho Advisors will exhibit the 20 best images submitted by eaters nationwide.  The top three winners will receive unspecified prizes and trophies.

To enter the contest, submit a photo via Twitter (@foodporn2014) or Instagram (@jerichoadvisors). Only photos taken with mobile devices are eligible. All entries must be uploaded by Mar. 21 at 11:59 p.m. Continue reading

Lowcountry Cajun Festival Scheduled for Apr. 6

crawfishThe Lowcountry Cajun Festival, now in its 23rd year, features jambalaya, etoufee, alligator, hot dogs and funnel cakes, but eaters show up for the crawfish, according to a Charleston County Parks press release.

“Visitors are encouraged to sign up for the (crawfish eating) contest when they arrive at the festival,” emphasizes the Apr. 6 festival announcement.

The festival at James Island County Park runs from 12 noon-6 p.m. The eating contest is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

For a detailed schedule, including information on the music acts, visit Admission to the event is $10 a person, with children aged 12 or younger admitted free.


Old St. Andrew’s Announces Tearoom Dates

churchThe tearoom at St. Andrews Parish Church will operate from Mar. 24-Apr 5 this year.

Described as Charleston’s oldest tea room, the original pop-up lunchroom will serve she-crab soup, okra soup, chicken salad and shrimp paste sandwiches from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m., every day but Sunday. Packaged food items will be available through the gift shop.

The church’s female members 61 years ago developed the tearoom to feed hungry tourists in the midst of plantation visits. Proceeds from the tea room and gift shop benefit programs sponsored by The Church Women of Old St. Andrew’s.

The tearoom doesn’t accept credit cards, but it takes reservations for parties of six or more eaters: Call 766-1541 or e-mail

Four U.S. Vegetable Lab Findings on Melons and Collard Greens

sweettatersIn 1937, a year after the U.S. Vegetable Laboratory opened in Charleston, the News & Courier ran a story about goings-on at the facility, explaining “the exact purpose and duties of the station are not usually quite clear to the average person.” Nearly 80 years later, that observation still holds.

But while perceptions of the Savannah Highway lab — and Clemson University’s neighboring Coastal Research and Education Center, which focuses on regional agriculture — haven’t changed much, the nature of the resident scientists’ work has evolved dramatically.

The lab’s staff scientists continue to puzzle out responses to crop threats posed by pests and diseases, but now they’re doing so with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, such as gene sequencers. (Although they’re not opposed to low-tech solutions: A team working to fight off fruit rot grows its trial phytophthora in rice saturated with V8 juice.)

“Agriculture is a science-driven industry,” supervisory research geneticist Mark Farnham says, contextualizing the lab’s contributions to a sector that’s worth $34 billion in South Carolina alone. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Cooking Classes at Trident Technical This Spring


Jeff Kubina

One in three Americans is trying to follow a gluten-free diet. And whether or not they’re snubbing the grain protein for valid health reasons – fewer than one percent of the population is coping with celiac disease, the most severe form of gluten intolerance – their desire for eggplant parmesan, gravy and mac-n-cheese that don’t taste like sawdust is understandable.

Trident Technical College is trying to appeal to those discerning eaters with a pair of new workshops: Gluten-Free Kids’ Favorites and Gluten-Free Dinners. Both classes feature entrée overviews and a recipe exchange. Continue reading

Magnolia Plantation Hosts French-Themed Tea Party for Michaux



Tea is typically associated with the United Kingdom, but the drink has occasionally cropped up in coffee-loving France – most famously in Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, in which the narrator drops a crumbly cookie in his cup and 3000 pages of reflections ensue.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is hoping to stimulate garden archaeology, not unbridled sentimentality, with its upcoming French Tea. The Apr. 6 event will benefit the Friends of André Michaux Charleston Garden Project, an organization studying the site of the 18th-century French botanist’s Charleston-area home. Continue reading

Free Oyster Roast at 82 Queen

The oysters are free this Friday at 82 Queen.

To commemorate 32 years in business, the restaurant is hosting a complimentary oyster roast in its courtyard, starting at 6 p.m. “When we opened in 1982 it never crossed my mind that I would be here 32 years later,” owner Steve Kish is quoted as saying in a release.

For more information, visit

Le Creuset Plans Party For New Shade of Green

palmpotTo celebrate a color “inspired by the luxurious fringe of green where land meets sea,” Le Creuset is throwing a Palm party.

On Feb. 16, the Signature Store at 241 King Street will greet its latest shade of green with a blackened seafood chowder demonstration. The event, which runs from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m., will star Coast Bar & Grill executive banquet chef Kyle Kryske. Giveaways are also on the agenda.

For more information, call 723-4191.

Enjoy a Seattle Dog With Your Super Bowl This Sunday



When Teddy Roosevelt spearheaded a set of football reforms, essentially saving the game for America, it’s a safe bet he wasn’t thinking about all the culinary fantasias the sport might inspire. “I believe in rough games and in rough, manly sports,” he announced. Not dainty pastrami finger sandwiches, trimmed to look like footballs with white cheese laces.

Yet Super Bowl Sunday has somehow emerged as one of the nation’s major cooking holidays. Cyberspace is crammed with recipes which reference the grand tradition of tailgating (the New York Times a decade ago ran Robert Stehling’s take on chicken bog); recipes which aspire to improve upon chicken wings and recipes honoring the two competing teams.

This year, the AFC and NFC champions hail from states that legalized it, so marijuana snacks are getting plenty of press. But if you’d rather keep your kitchen adventures within the law, the suggested dishes are apparently Denver omelets and salmon pancetta kabobs. Continue reading

Hans Offringa Signs Books (And Boeks!) at Striped Pig Tonight

I don’t speak a lick of Dutch, but if I was going to tackle Hans Offringa’s oeuvre, I’d be highly tempted to read “Bourbon & Blues” in the bilingual author’s native language. Who could resist “Drank and Klank”?

No matter which book you bring to Offringa’s signing at Striped Pig Distillery tonight, I’m wagering he’ll sign it for you. Offringa, the male half of The Whisky Couple, has also written about golf, submarines and buildings.

Offringa’s appearance is scheduled for 5 p.m. The distillery is located at 2225-A Old School Dr. For more information, call 276-3201.