Magnolias Plans Monthlong Closure for Renovations

magnoliasIf the design firm charged with “refreshing” Magnolias is successful, patrons won’t be taken aback by any of the changes they notice when the restaurant reopens in February after a monthlong renovation hiatus – unless they use the bathroom.

“The restrooms are going to be completely changed,” promises Bill Johnson, the Charleston native who heads up The Johnson Studio. “The restrooms were very, very plain.”

Beyond the restrooms, the tweaks will be less dramatic. The dining room will gain “softer seating to make it more comfortable,” and its acoustics will be upgraded to reflect contemporary technology. An antique mirrored wall with sconces and a banquette will be set against the back wall. Still, Johnson predicts guests will be struck mostly by the “crisp and clean” look of the spruced-up space. Continue reading