King Street Cookies Stays Open Later

cookiesuigMy first, brief experience at King Street Cookies — which last month opened just a few doors south of Calhoun Street — wasn’t especially revealing: A baker emerged from the kitchen with a tray of fresh ginger snaps just before I was about to order one, so I ended up with a hot mouthful of butter and sugar.

Having spent the day eating oysters, I was happy for the sweetness, but the slim mass of melty pastry didn’t help me deduce much about its true flavor or texture. And as for the dozens of other cookie types on offer, I still don’t have a clue whether you should order red velvet or toffee crunch. What I could fairly determine was that I really liked the optional 25-cent cup of milk add-on (the bakery has a summer camp-style self-service machine) and that King Street Cookies would make a great late-night stop. Continue reading