Charleston Museum Acquires 18th-Century Feeding Device

papAn artifact of a eighteenth-century childhood feeding scheme blamed with elevating the infant mortality rate is one of the newest additions to the Charleston Museum’s collection.

Chief Curator Grahame Long received the silver pap boat from two members of the Pinckney family, who also donated a hulking wine trolley and a hot water urn to the museum.

Although pap boats were sometimes used to feed sick patients and wounded soldiers, Long suspects the boat made by Thomas You delivered pap to the children of Harriott, Thomas or Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Continue reading

Get Yer Peanuts, Rice, Grits and Benne Wafers Here

vendingI’m not much for year-end round-ups and awards, but this machine is – without a doubt – the best vending machine of 2013.

The Charleston Museum three months ago installed the machine, which was the brainchild of a business student who’s since moved away. After 126 years, you might think the thrill of putting money in a slot and getting food in exchange would have faded, but you’d think wrong – and the concept is especially irresistible when the foods include peanuts, rice and benne wafers.

“People love it,” administrative manager Susan McKellar says. “I always hear people outside my office saying how cool it is.” Continue reading

Charleston Museum Oyster Roast Tickets Now on Sale

The standard anniversary gift chart doesn’t extend past 60 years (maybe you just keep getting diamonds once you reach that milestone), but the Charleston Museum believes oysters are the proper way to mark a 241st.

In honor of its birthday, the museum is hosting its annual oyster roast on Sunday, Jan. 12 at its wildlife sanctuary on James Island. The event at Dill Sanctuary runs from 2 p.m.-5 p.m., and will feature live bluegrass music and curator-led history walks. The menu includes Ben Moise’s oysters, chili and an open bar.

Tickets are $50 for non-members, or $35 for members. “Early registration is strongly encouraged as this event sells out each year,” spokeswoman Rachel Chesser warns. To purchase, call (843) 722-2996 x235 or click here.