Observing Veterans Day with USS Yorktown’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Misc. Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Photographs

In honor of Veterans Day, Patriots Point sent over the above photo of the USS Yorktown’s 1953 bake shop crew, charged with preparing sweet desserts and savory breads for 3500 fellow sailors. As these gentlemen remind us, thousands of men and women have served our country by seeing to the nutritional needs of those defending it.

Military kitchens also help keep service members’ spirits high by coming up with homey treats, such as the chocolate chip cookies once popular aboard the Yorktown. Spokesperson Holly Jackson didn’t share the instructions which accompanied the ingredient list, but you probably don’t have a big enough oven to make a batch anyhow.

Chocolate chip cookies

Makes 10,000 cookies

112 lbs. chocolate chips

165 lbs. flour

500 eggs

100 lbs. granulated sugar

87 lbs. shortening

75 lbs. brown sugar

12 lbs. butter

3 lbs. salt

3 c. vanilla extract

1 qt. water

1.5 lbs. baking soda

Mudd Pie Girl Bakery Makes a Name For Itself on James Island

mudtartsTwo months after bringing her baking operation to a James Island café, Tina Kinney is getting her name on the door.

Kinney in August shifted her three-year old cookie, muffin and pie enterprise to How Art Thou Café, using the kitchen to fulfill catering and restaurant orders. Now, in addition to carrying her baked goods, How Art Thou has created a stand-alone space for Kinney’s Mudd Pie Girl Bakery.

“It’s a collaboration between the two places,” publicist Heather Richie says. “They are adding her name and hours to the front door.”

Richie adds Kinney is now taking holiday orders for peanut butter pies and pumpkin pies; she also sells scones and tarts.

To celebrate the new collaboration, Kinney is offering free samples on Friday, Nov. 8 at 10 a.m. To learn more, visit muddpiegirlbakery.com.

Gluten-Free Bakery Opens Monday



While celiac disease sufferers sometimes fret that the sudden popularity of gluten-free foods could obscure the gravity of their condition – “this is our medicine,” the founder and president of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness recently explained to the Philadelphia Inquirer – a local gluten-free baker says better-tasting medicine never hurt anybody.

“It is a serious condition, but life is to be enjoyed,” says Julia Ingram, who was diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance while enrolled in pastry school. “I want to make things that are delicious.”

Ingram acknowledges that many of her customers at Sweet Radish Bakeshop, scheduled to open next Monday on the corner of Spring and St. Philip streets, won’t be under doctor’s orders to eat her salted caramel brownie cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and banana bundt cake. But by exposing eaters without gluten sensitivities to the diversity of gluten-free baking, she hopes to raise local awareness of mandated gluten-free diets. Continue reading

Mother-Daughter Team Opens Shortbread Shop in West Ashley

Butter Blossoms

Butter Blossoms

Emily Herr’s three-year year old daughter immediately cottoned to the idea that her mother was creating a dainty, child-sized tearoom in which she could hold her December birthday party. The concept that’s harder to grasp – which won’t surprise any parents of toddlers – is sharing the play space.

“She doesn’t quite understand that other people will have their parties here,” says Herr, who’s opening Butter Blossoms Shortbread Shoppe & Tea Party Room in West Ashley this weekend.

The bakery’s an outgrowth of an online shortbread shop Herr, a Johnson & Wales grad and Sanctuary Hotel alum,  launched after her daughter was born. Herr and her mother, Shell DiTullio, developed 50 shortbread varieties to sell on Etsy. Continue reading