Future of Mercato Uncertain After Closure for Water Damage

013Nineteen of the 29 employees who lost their jobs when Mercato this weekend shuttered for extensive renovations have been relocated to other Holliday Company properties.

“We’re working to place the other employees,” adds spokeswoman Elise Reinemann, who confirms all of the staffers were offered Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, Peninsula Grill or DoubleTree Hotel positions which mirrored their Mercato jobs.

According to Reinemann, the temporary closure was prompted by “significant water intrusion issues from neighboring buildings” on North Market Street. The restaurant was already considering renovations, but the severity of the water damage cinched it. Continue reading

Restaurant Beseeches Costumed Customers to Behave Responsibly


Attention, masqueraders! If you insist on dining in disguise today, Black Bean Co. would prefer you keep your costumes benign. “The sign started out as politely asking customers to not wear their masks into the store, mainly for safety issues,” says downtown store general manager Matt Lickiss. “I like to give some freedom to my cashiers about coming up with their own clever signs.”

Basically, don’t scare your servers, please.

Jestine’s Sweet Shop Still Open

jestinesAs of this weekend, Jestine’s Sweet Shop remained open, but it remains unclear why Jestine’s Kitchen closed without warning on Thursday, and whether the popular restaurant plans to re-open.

A Sweet Shop staffer refused to comment on the situation, but a man in the shop who identified himself as a friend of its employees said they’re as curious as the general public about what prompted the abrupt closure for unscheduled and unspecified renovations.

Although messages left on the restaurant’s voicemail and with the Sweet Shop for owner Dana Berlin Strange weren’t returned, rumors that the closure could be prolonged or permanent are swirling on social media. Continue reading