Nashville Company Boxes Up Charleston

batchA new Southern subscription gift box service hasn’t yet revealed which items it plans to include in its Charleston-themed shipment, but the five “locally-made goods (which) define a sense of place” are selling for $40.

Batch, based in Nashville, monthly sends out a box of “food, drink, and other hand-crafted items” from a Southern city. The six-month schedule starts in April with Nashville, followed by Charleston; Atlanta; New Orleans; Birmingham and Austin.

Previous boxes, which circulated locally in Nashville, included honey, oatmeal and laundry products.

Each box is $40; a six-month subscription costs $240.

Meat Boxes on Sale at Cypress

Although Cypress likens its four-year old Artisan Meat Share program to a CSA, the amenity could more appropriately be described as a C.O.D: Charcuterie on Demand.

The restaurant seasonally offers $50 meat packages, which come with none of the surprise or obligation associated with most CSA boxes. This fall, the box includes braunschweiger, picante, knockwurst, Tuscan beef and pork pâté. Boxes will be available for pick-up at the restaurant beginning on Sept. 18; to pre-order a package, call (843)937-4012 x229. Spokeswoman Becky Tanenbaum warns the packages are sold on a “first-come, first-serve basis.”