Barsa Hires New Sous Chef

j5nwC63seCQcl9hIXa1jG6vJqq9eu-zzEzyP95ayO3sBarsa executive chef Cole Poolaw today announced the hiring of a new sous at his tapas bar could herald the exploration of “more exotic ingredients,” but James Burge says patrons shouldn’t brace for baby eels and fried quail eggs just yet.

“There’s nothing too exotic on the menu,” says Burge, who launched a reformatted menu when he last month joined Barsa’s kitchen crew. “It’s still very familiar. We still have paella, we still have meats and cheeses.”

The menu does feature a few new plates, including a pan-roasted red snapper with salsa verde; a grilled hanger steak and migas served with a fried egg. Burge – who wasn’t aware of any established items being axed — says he anticipates tweaking the menu in response to the availability of local products. Continue reading