Nephew of Taiwanese Bubble Tea Maker Brings Boba to Charleston



Tapioca fans may be impatiently awaiting the opening of Terry Hung’s downtown bubble tea shop, but Hung’s relatives are even more anxious for Tapio to start serving soon.

“Our whole family, they’re pretty superstitious, and they’d like to make sure we open before the New Year,” Hung says.

Hung wouldn’t reveal the exact date which his relatives have selected as the most auspicious day for Tapio to open its doors, but says “we’re pushing as fast as we can.”

Although Hung and his brother were raised in Atlantic City, N.J., Hung’s extended family is still in Taiwan, where his aunt runs a bubble, or boba, tea shop. Bubble tea — a late-1980s Taiwanese invention which may have evolved from a teahouse staffer spontaneously pouring rice pudding into her iced tea — is a highly competitive business in Taiwan, but Hung says his aunt’s edge is correctly-cooked tapioca balls. Continue reading