Mac-Off Matches Iconic Side Dish With Beer and Liquor

bildeSouthern Season next week is offering a class on pairing wine with mac-n-cheese, which seems almost too easy: Red wine and cheese are ideal partners.

Yet there won’t be any wine on the menu at Mac-Off, the fourth annual attempt to determine the area’s best mac-n-cheese chef. Restaurants including Rue de Jean, Angel Oak, Poogan’s Porch and Southern Season will sling the side dish at the Grove in Patriot’s Point from 2 p.m.-7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12.

So what to drink with the signature dish? Mac-Off’s featuring beer from Sam Adams, Angry Orchard and Bud Light, as well as a bloody Mary bar stocked with Tito’s Vodka, FireFly Moonshine, and Larceny Bourbon. Drinks are included with a VIP ticket, which sells for $50. Continue reading