McCrady’s Ditches A La Carte Menu and Bar Snacks For All-Tasting Menu Format

scallopsHave you been to McCrady’s lately? If not, now’s a pretty good time to revisit the restaurant, which earlier this month introduced a new menu format.

I last sat at McCrady’s bar in the fall, and the culinary portion of my experience was kind of a mess. The fried snacks available to pair with our cocktails tasted like afterthoughts: Compared to the food we’d had along with an earlier round at The Gin Joint, the fritters were lacking in flavor and panache.

Now, though, McCrady’s has done away with its dedicated bar menu, as I discovered when I recently dropped by for a drink. The restaurant’s struck a la carte entrees from its menu, too. The prix-fixe program, which has always been the source of the kitchen’s best work, is now the only option for McCrady’s guests. Continue reading

Sean Brock Plans Casual Mexican Restaurant

Neighborhood Dining Group and Sean Brock, who next week will learn whether the James Beard Foundation considers him the nation’s best chef, are opening a Mexican restaurant alongside McCrady’s.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in late summer.

According to a release, “it will have a fun atmosphere, affordable menu and casual service.” No further details were available.

No wonder Brock has been practicing his micheladas, which made a spirited splash at Cook It Raw last fall.

Langhorne Leaving McCrady’s to Open D.C. Restaurant


Jeremiah Langhorne

Jeremiah Langhorne, who worked his way up from line cook to become a nationally-esteemed chef as McCrady’s chef de cuisine, is leaving the restaurant.

Langhorne is planning to open a 45-seat restaurant in Washington D.C. next summer.

“We’re going to be doing food that’s very similar (in terms of) attention to detail, but with a much more relaxed atmosphere,” says Langhorne, who’s been lauded by industry professionals and diners alike for ably steering a restaurant which could have been hamstrung by its executive chef’s frequent absences for promotional appearances.

Sous chef Daniel Heinze is being promoted to the chef de cuisine role on Oct. 1. Heinze, a Florida native, got his start in restaurants as a server before studying culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Miami. Heinze spent two years cooking under Norman Van Aken before joining the McCrady’s team in 2007. Continue reading

Boba Tea Spotted in Summerville



My recent post about the difficulties of finding bubble tea in downtown Charleston drew plenty of sympathetic e-mails from fellow boba tea drinkers. But my latest correspondent had a lead on where to find a quality version of the souped-up beverage: “Summerville, of all places,” she writes.

According to Phillis Mair, Single Smile Cafe is serving bubble tea with all the fixings: “They have popping beads, jelly and traditional chewy tapioca,” she reports.

Mair and her husband started searching for bubble tea after first trying the drink in Atlanta, and the Singe Smile version so satisfies their cravings that they’ll now plan day trips around a boba run.

Since the Single Smile tip’s just a few hours old, I haven’t yet had the chance to make good on it. But I’d love to know if other boba fans are equally smitten with what’s served at Single Smile. In the meantime, I was thrilled this weekend to discover that McCrady’s makes a cocktail with St. Germain boba: The gin drink‘s a tad pricier than the average tea shop slurp, but it’s marvelous.