Mountaineers Pile Up Pepperoni Rolls for Annual Bake-Off

roll1It’s a 10-hour flight from Atlanta to Honolulu, so when Jeannie and Joe Scheirman packed for a Hawaiian vacation celebrating their 38th anniversary, the twice-over Charlestonians (they’re natives of Charleston, W.Va.) made room in their carry-ons for snacks.

“Pepperoni rolls sustained us,” Jeannie Scheirman says proudly.

The iconic pepperoni roll – a meat-filled yeasty bread developed nearly a century ago as a coal miners’ lunch – is still hard to find beyond West Virginia. In Charleston, the Pep Rolls food cart is working to remedy the local deficit, but the snack’s acolytes living beyond Appalachia are usually forced to mail-order or bake rolls when they want them. Last Saturday, West Virginia University’s Lowcountry alumni club staged its seventh annual contest to determine who bakes them best. Continue reading