How Good Were Your Wine + Food Phone Pics?

jouleInveterate Instagrammers who were vindicated by a recent study suggesting that snapping a picture of a dish before eating it could enhance their food enjoyment* now have another reason to keep up their plate-rearranging, friend-testing habits:  A West Ashley financial firm could make them famous.

On Mar. 26, the second annual Food Phone Photo Show at Jericho Advisors will exhibit the 20 best images submitted by eaters nationwide.  The top three winners will receive unspecified prizes and trophies.

To enter the contest, submit a photo via Twitter (@foodporn2014) or Instagram (@jerichoadvisors). Only photos taken with mobile devices are eligible. All entries must be uploaded by Mar. 21 at 11:59 p.m. Continue reading

Meet #FirstBiteCHS, Our New Instagram Feed

rhubarbHave you made a New Year’s resolution to try something new this year? If that something involves food and drink, we’d like to see it.

Since Charleston and its eaters are always at the forefront of dining trends, we’ve set up an Instagram hashtag to help the city’s eaters document new culinary experiences.

Whether you’re eating a lobster roll at The Ordinary for the first time, or making a chocolate babka you’ve never before baked, snap a photo and label it #FirstBiteCHS. Starting later this month, we’ll share the images on our website and begin printing a few of our favorites in Wednesday’s food section.

But it’s never too early to form a good habit. Next time you eat or drink something new, tag it #FirstBiteCHS. We can’t wait to discover what’s on your plate in 2014.