Wild Dunes Resort Plans Beer Fest

brewschewsAmericans tend to associate German beer with October, but Wild Dunes Resort’s food and beverage director – a native of Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg – says his countrymen don’t wait until fall to hoist their steins.

“I like Oktoberfest, but in summer, every week, there’s a reason to drink a lot,” Thomas McKinney-Stehr says. “One time they call it chicken festival, one time call it fish festival. That’s what I want to bring to Wild Dunes.”

In deference to American expectations, McKinney-Stehr is holding off until October to host his first-ever craft beer festival for tourists and local guests, but the Isle of Palms event otherwise reflects traditional German sensibilities.

“I look at the event as a puzzle,” he says. “Every item has to fit: The beer, the food, the service, the location, the cornhole. Every little thing has to be perfect.” Continue reading