Puree Cafe to Close This Weekend

photo (66)Puree Cafe, the Mt. Pleasant vegetarian restaurant which last month launched a last-ditch effort to attract more customers, is closing on Saturday.

“Puree will be closing indefinitely at the end of this month,” owner Jenan McClain wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “We are in talks with multiple angel investors and we’re hoping to continue or re-open. We started on one family’s budget, which has proven to not be enough.”

Although Puree was popular with diners who appreciated McClain’s commitment to using only organic ingredients, many customers couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t serve Coke.

“A lot of people in the South don’t even know what a GMO is, so it’s been a real educational process,” she said last month. Explaining her decision to enhance dinner service with a dedicated menu and organic cocktails, she added, “We’re not in danger of going out of business, but it’s got to get profitable at some point.”

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