Mixing Up the Menu at Basico

basicoThere are more than two dozen items on Basico’s menu, but it was the listed dish components which beckoned to the eaters at my table.  Cotija pimento cheese sounded too imaginative to be confined to a burger: Might we try it on a griddled corn tortilla? And how about this side of spicy turnip greens? Wouldn’t that make a better vegetarian taco base than braised beans?

But our mixing and matching reached its apex when the elements reached the table: My hands-down favorite Basico dish is a spicy greens-and-pimento cheese taco. You won’t find it on the menu.

Since chefs invest serious time and thought in constructing dishes, I wondered whether the folks who had a say in assembling Basico’s menu would bless our tinkering – or chalk it up as thoughtless, ungracious meddling. Continue reading