Bollywood Wasn’t Closed, After All

bolly2Bollywood is back.

Although the popular Rivers Avenue restaurant last month gave every sign of having reached its final frame – its website was deactivated; its voicemail system was inoperable and a “for lease” sign appeared in the window – owner Naman Bhatt says, “we’re back on track.”

One of the restaurant’s founding partners left the business, necessitating a company reorganization and a weeks-long closure, Bhatt explains. Continue reading

Bollywood Cafe Folds Before its First Birthday

bolly2Sad news from Rivers Avenue: According to a tweet from @CharlestonFood, Bollywood Café has closed.

The Indian restaurant’s website is out of service, and its voice mailbox is full, suggesting the “for lease” sign in the window does signal the end of the breakaway buffet.

Owners of Bombay Restaurant last summer opened Bollywood in a former Wendy’s after a landlord dispute ended their tenure 400 feet up the street. Another operating group took over the Bombay name and venue. Continue reading