Old Firehouse Serving Shad Roe

Shad roe season came early this year, according to Lia Sanders of the Old Firehouse Restaurant.

As detailed in last week’s food section, shad roe is a seasonal lowcountry delicacy. Often served for breakfast, the herring egg sac is not particularly good-looking, but it’s very rich.

“We have shad roe and have been serving it for the last 11 years,” writes Sanders, who reports the ingredient’s now available at Crosby’s Seafood. “We offer it the traditional way, wrapped in bacon and deep fried, or poached in cream for a more delicate approach.”

The Old Firehouse Restaurant is located at 6350 Highway 162 in Hollywood, S.C. It’s open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday. For more information, call 889-9512 or check out the restaurant website.

Where to Get Your Pumpkin Fix



It’s officially pumpkin season, which means there’s no shortage of opportunities to get your fill of the autumnal flavor:

For the upscale eater: Peninsula Grill‘s Graham Dailey, a recent graduate of the chefs’ media training sponsored by the Convention and Visitors Bureau, has put together a camera-ready fried oyster appetizer, topped with pumpkin jalapeño relish; he’s also serving a beef filet with pumpkin succotash and grilled sea scallops with pumpkin butter. And over at Hank’s Seafood, chef Frank McMahon’s concocted a seared swordfish with pumpkin poached in a Vietnamese-style stock: The dish is finished with dark green pumpkinseed oil. Continue reading