Enjoy a Seattle Dog With Your Super Bowl This Sunday



When Teddy Roosevelt spearheaded a set of football reforms, essentially saving the game for America, it’s a safe bet he wasn’t thinking about all the culinary fantasias the sport might inspire. “I believe in rough games and in rough, manly sports,” he announced. Not dainty pastrami finger sandwiches, trimmed to look like footballs with white cheese laces.

Yet Super Bowl Sunday has somehow emerged as one of the nation’s major cooking holidays. Cyberspace is crammed with recipes which reference the grand tradition of tailgating (the New York Times a decade ago ran Robert Stehling’s take on chicken bog); recipes which aspire to improve upon chicken wings and recipes honoring the two competing teams.

This year, the AFC and NFC champions hail from states that legalized it, so marijuana snacks are getting plenty of press. But if you’d rather keep your kitchen adventures within the law, the suggested dishes are apparently Denver omelets and salmon pancetta kabobs. Continue reading

Get Yer Peanuts, Rice, Grits and Benne Wafers Here

vendingI’m not much for year-end round-ups and awards, but this machine is – without a doubt – the best vending machine of 2013.

The Charleston Museum three months ago installed the machine, which was the brainchild of a business student who’s since moved away. After 126 years, you might think the thrill of putting money in a slot and getting food in exchange would have faded, but you’d think wrong – and the concept is especially irresistible when the foods include peanuts, rice and benne wafers.

“People love it,” administrative manager Susan McKellar says. “I always hear people outside my office saying how cool it is.” Continue reading