Charleston Coffee Drinkers Not as Generous as Reported

shakeratoIf you’re patting yourself on the back in response to a study showing South Carolinians are the nation’s most generous coffeehouse tippers, you can put your hand down now. this week released an analysis of tipping data provided by payment service Square; according to the numbers, the national average tip on food and drink is 16.5 percent. But baristas do better as a rule, receiving an average gratuity of 18 percent. In South Carolina, the figure is a whopping 23 percent (although only 45 percent of customers paying via Square leave a tip.)

By comparison, the average tip in Hawaii — the state with the stingiest coffee drinkers — is 15 percent. Continue reading

Sweet CeCe’s to Open Cold-Pressed Juice “Retail-Lab”

Darryl Cobb Sweet CeCe'sSweet CeCe’s, which got its start as a frozen yogurt shop, is swerving into science with its latest menu addition.

At the store’s planned juicing station, which a press release describes as “a cross between a traditional juice bar and a clinical cleanse,” customers will have the option of completing a survey developed by a natural health specialist who’s partnered with “a select group of researchers” to determine the health effects of drinking cold-pressed juice.

Neda Smith of Natural Neda says “participation is 100 percent voluntary and confidential,” so customers who don’t want to share whether their spinach, cucumber and celery beverage made them feel tired, hungry or mentally sharp are off the hook. Continue reading

Lowcountry Rice Forum Underway

ricefieldThis morning’s speakers at the Lowcountry Rice Culture Forum talked about rice as though it was something which grew long ago or far away, but rice revivalist Glenn Roberts takes exception to the characterization.

“Let’s stop talking about it and start doing it,” the founder of Anson Mills told me.

According to Roberts, Lowcountry residents grew their own rice plots as late as the 1980s. He’s hoping to instigate a resurgence of the practice with his Saturday afternoon talk entitled “Grow Backyard Rice Just Like Garden Tomatoes.” Continue reading