Restaurants Offer Free Meals to Vets and Servicemembers Today



Much to the chagrin of a reader who called this morning, most restaurants offering Veterans Day deals aren’t extending them to military family members. But if you’re an active or former service member (and have the ID or uniform to prove it), you’re eligible to eat for free at dozens of chain restaurants today.

Locations aren’t required to participate in the national promotions, so make sure to call your chosen destination before dining. And prices don’t include beverage, tax or tip, unless otherwise noted. has compiled perhaps the most comprehensive online list of Veterans Day offers. The following freebies are likely to be of interest to eaters in the Charleston area; click the links for further details: Continue reading

Observing Veterans Day with USS Yorktown’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Misc. Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Photographs

In honor of Veterans Day, Patriots Point sent over the above photo of the USS Yorktown’s 1953 bake shop crew, charged with preparing sweet desserts and savory breads for 3500 fellow sailors. As these gentlemen remind us, thousands of men and women have served our country by seeing to the nutritional needs of those defending it.

Military kitchens also help keep service members’ spirits high by coming up with homey treats, such as the chocolate chip cookies once popular aboard the Yorktown. Spokesperson Holly Jackson didn’t share the instructions which accompanied the ingredient list, but you probably don’t have a big enough oven to make a batch anyhow.

Chocolate chip cookies

Makes 10,000 cookies

112 lbs. chocolate chips

165 lbs. flour

500 eggs

100 lbs. granulated sugar

87 lbs. shortening

75 lbs. brown sugar

12 lbs. butter

3 lbs. salt

3 c. vanilla extract

1 qt. water

1.5 lbs. baking soda

Shoney’s Observes Veterans Day With Free Burger Offer

shoneysVeterans and active-duty service members are eligible for a free burger at Shoney’s on Veterans Day.

The chain restaurant – locally located at 1307 N. Main St. in Summerville and 1177 Sniders Hwy. in Walterboro – on Nov. 11 is offering an “All-American burger” to vets and military members who can provide proof of service. The burger was the centerpiece of a 2009 weekday “burger bundle” promotion, presumably designed to lure fast-food customers into the sit-down restaurants: During the campaign, Shoney’s sold the burger, fries and a drink for $4.99.

This time around, the fries, drink, tax and gratuity aren’t included. The fine print also stipulates that the free burger offer can’t be combined with any other coupons, and claimants are entitled to just one burger apiece. But a few rules probably won’t scare off eaters with military backgrounds.

“On their national day of celebration and honor, Shoney’s looks forward to welcoming our veterans and troops with a free burger,” CEO David Davoudpour is quoted as saying in a release. “We salute you.”